Private Equity Fast Pitch Podcast

Interview with author Jeff Hooke on the Private Equity Fast Pitch podcast with Jeff Henningsen.


BRN AM | The Myth of Private Equity

Jeff Hooke joined The Broadcast Retirement Network AM to discuss the myth of private equity. Visit for the full interview.

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Market Narratives podcast

Episode 110: The myth of private equity, market fallacies and the Stockholm syndrome

Available to listen to now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.


LSE SU Developing Markets Society

The Myth of Private Equity by Jeff Hooke

Invited as a guest speaker to give a presentation on the Myth of Private Equity at LSE.


Talks at Google

The Myth of Private Equity | Jeffrey C. Hooke

In this talk, I discuss my recent work on the performance, returns, and alpha generated by private equity funds.  I emphasize the impact of fees, firm size, and liquidity as well as addressing implications for the individual investor.



Jeffrey Hooke on Security Analysis & Business Valuation on Wall Street

I discuss changes in valuation since the financial crisis, post wall street scandals, and gave insights on how and why practitioners should and will look at valuation differently with my 2nd Edition book Security Analysis on Wall Street.