Senior Finance Lecturer at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Senior Advisor at Focus Investment Bank


Jeff Hooke is a senior finance lecturer at the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business.  Earlier, he was a managing director at Focus, LLC, an investment bank serving middle-market companies in the US.  Previously, Hooke operated his own consulting firm, was a director of Emerging Markets Partnership (a $5 billion private equity fund), a principal investment officer of the World Bank Group, and an investment banker with Lehman Brothers and Schroder Wertheim, respectively, two prominent securities firms based in New York.  He began his career in the private investment department of institutional investor Metropolitan Life Insurance.

Hooke is the author of five books: The Myth of Private Equity: An Inside Look at Wall Street’s Transformative Investments (2021), M&A:  A Practical Guide to Doing the Deal (1996, 2nd edition 2015), Security Analysis on Wall Street (1998, 2nd edition 2013), The Dinosaur Among Us: The World Bank and Its Path to Extinction (2007), and The Emerging Markets (2001). He has co-authored a number of academic papers in finance. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a BS from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has been quoted in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, Columbus Dispatch, Philadelphia Inquirer, Houston Chronicle, Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, New York Post, Louisville Courier Journal, Indianapolis Star, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kansas City Star, San Diego Tribune, Washington Examiner, Singapore Straits Times, Texas Observer, Gaming Observer, Bloodhorse, and Thoroughbred Times.  

In addition to Johns Hopkins, Mr. Hooke has taught at several universities and the New York Institute of Finance. He lectures on finance topics at industry forums around the world, including the CFA societies of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Munich, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Beijing, and Bangkok.

Mr. Hooke is a senior fellow at Maryland Public Policy Institute and Treasurer of Citizens for State Pension Fund Indexing. Earlier, he was Vice President of Research at the Committee on Economic Development, President of the Maryland Tax Education Foundation, and Vice President of the Maryland Taxpayers Association.

He has written numerous papers for public policy groups and has written op-eds for various newspapers. He has testified on financial matters before the legislatures of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas. His pro bono work generally focuses on getting taxpayers a fair deal vs. the local governments succumbing to cronyism and corporate lobbying.

He has testified as a financial expert in court and regulatory proceedings.

Mr. Hooke attended Baltimore City public schools. He and his wife reside in Chevy Chase, MD. His two sons attended Montgomery County public schools.